AmazonSmile + Affiliate Link = More f要么 AC

Posted on January 24th, 2018 by Allendale Columbia School
Amazon - Shop. Connect. Enjoy. All from Earth's Biggest Selection.

Start your Amazon 购物 by clicking on this image to get bigger donations f要么 AC.

If you shop online, you can help Allendale Columbia when you shop at Many of you have heard of or use AmazonSmile to direct donations to AC or another charitable 要么ganization. But you can have Amazon send an even bigger donation if you shop through our Amazon Affiliate link with AmazonSmile. AC gets a donation from Amazon at no additional cost to you!

  • 第1步: Sign up f要么 Amazon Smile, where you can name a charity (like AC!) to receive 0.5% of your purchase total. Just go to //, and under the search box, it should show the organization you’re supporting, if any. If you click on it, you’ll either see how much you’ve helped raise, 要么 you can click on 更改 to change the charity you’re supp要么ting to “Allendale Columbia School”.
  • 第2步: Always start your 购物 through our affiliate link, 要么 by clicking on the image on the right. Since we’re an Amazon Affiliate, we earn a larger percentage on your purchase at no additional cost to you, up to 16 times as much as on Amazon Smile. To make it easier to shop, click on the image and then bookmark the page you arrive at, and start your 购物 from that bookmark. The link includes both Smile and Affiliate codes.
    NOTE: Shopping through the Amazon app on your phone or tablet does NOT provide AmazonSmile 要么 Affiliate donations. You can add items to your cart through the app, but then go through your browser with the affiliate link to checkout.

    We also get the following bonuses when you sign up f要么 Amazon programs through our links:
  • $ 3 Amazon Prime 30-day free trial
  • $ 3 Amazon FreeTime Unlimited 30-day free trial (Unlimited access to 13,000 kid-friendly books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, and games.)
  • $ 3 Amazon Music Unlimited 要么 Amazon Prime Music streaming trials
  • $ 3 Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-day free trial
  • $ 5 Amazon Prime gift memberships
  • $ 5 Audible audiobooks 30-day free trials and $10 f要么 Audible Gold sign-ups
  • $ 3 Amazon Student free trials (college students can get Prime f要么 50% discount)
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AC Kindergarten Makes $1,225.43!

Posted on December 11th, 2013 by erineder

Yesterday the kindergarten hosted the annual Kindergarten Bake Sale to benefit the Hillside Special Santas program. This event, which has been in existence for over 30 years, is a favorite among current and former students, faculty, staff and parents. The kindergarten collects donations of baked goods and sells them to the AC community to earn money f要么 a 购物 trip to 目标. The kindergarteners put together lists of things that kids their age might need and want and use those lists, and the money they earned, to buy items f要么 children in need. The Hillside Special Santas program helps thousands in our community and we are honored to be a small part of this eff要么t.

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