How’s Your Knowledge of Current Events?

Posted on January 29th, 2019 by Allendale Columbia School

How’s your knowledge of current events? Take the 2019 Allendale Columbia School Current Events Test to see how you compare with AC Middle and Upper School students, who took the test on January 29th. Henry Nicosia ’20 topped all students with 92 points. You’re on your honor — even though you may be viewing the test on a connected device, you may not consult any sources other than your own memory while you take the test.

2019 Current Events
Test Questions (PDF)
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2019 Current Events Test Cover
2019 Current Events
Answer Sheet (PDF)
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2019 Current Events
Answer Key (PDF)
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When Ted Hunt arrived at Allendale Columbia School in 1982, the History Department gave students a current events test manufactured by Time Magazine. He suggested that the department could make a much better test themselves, and they did, beginning the ’83-’84 school year.

The 2019 Current Events Test overall high scorer was Henry Nicosia ’20 with 92 points! Here are the top finishers in each grade:


Grade 6
Maddy Manske-53
Lizzie Bissionette-52
Maya Sams-49
Carter Previte-49
Grade 9
Margot Queenan-73
Ronan Wun-72
Mary Cotter-68
Aidan Wun-68
Grade 7
Shane Whiteside-52
Ben Tucker-52
Natalia Dandrea-47
Luca Palomaki-45
Grade 10
Marc Chuprun-86 (bonus question)
Ryan Mogauro-86
Adrian Fuller-82
Grade 8
Tommy Duver-78
Maya Schwartz-69
Ellie Feindel-66
Grade 11
Daniel Saedi-81
Evelyn Van Arsdale-75
Fiona Lutz-75
Liza Cotter-73
Grade 12
Nate Pifer-85
Noah Levine-78
Marissa Frenett-76

In an article about last year’s test, Mr. Hunt said, “The History Department’s philosophy always included language about how the study of history was in part designed to provide students with a window through which to examine and understand the contemporary world, so we have always believed that we should encourage students to stay informed about current events, and the test hopefully provides that motivation for at least some students.”

How did you do? Are you smarter than an AC student?

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